CVS4 Complete Vascular System

The CVS4 is a Complete Physiological Peripheral Vascular automated and computerized system for the vascular community. Everything you need to perform physiological studies using Doppler, photo plethysmography or pneumo plethysmography comes with this system. Included with your purchase
is one day of on-site set up and instrument training.

There are many blood flow assessments that the CVS4 can perform:

  • Segmental Blood Pressure
  • Digit and limb Pulse Volume Recording
  • Digit pressure and plthysmography
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


CVS4 Components:

  • Continuous Wave Doppler spectra and zero-crossing Doppler with bifocal lens for deep and superficial vessels with one transducer.
  • Automatic cuff inflator and software remote control TD312.
  • Cuff selector MV10.
  • Complete set of cuffs for performing segmental pressures and PVR's.
  • Custom cart.
  • Flat panel monitor, mini desktop computer (Windows) and HP Desk jet color printer.

Computerized Reports:

  • Stores patient information, waveforms and pressures.
  • Printed color reports for only the test you want.
  • Includes multiple visit graphs for follow up patients.
  • DICOM extension is available as an add on to interface with your PACS.

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