Advanced Vascular Exams

Hokanson manufactures equipment to be used in the Vascular Lab.  Many different assessments can be performed

Segmental Blood Pressures

Segmental pressures can be taken with a CW Doppler, ppg or pneumo plethysmography.  This exam assesses blood pressure in multiple locations in order to determine the level of plaque within those locations.

Arterial Inflow

The rate of arterial blood flow into limbs and digits can be measured quantitatively with mercury strain gauge plethysmographs (SPG). Arterial inflow rates are used to determine vasomotor response, diagnose cold sensitivity, determine forearm blood flow and quantify arterial occlusive disease.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Strain gauge, pneumo, photo plethysmography or Continuous wave Doppler is used to evaluate arm ischemia related to the thoracic outlet syndrome.  Most symptoms are due to compression of the lower roots of the brachial plexus, although vascular complications can occur in the presence of a cervical rib.  The test for thoracic outlet syndrome involves monitoring blood flow in the lower arm or hand while performing maneuvers designed to produce the symptoms.  Since the disease is often bilateral, both limbs should be tested.


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