MD35 Physiologic Vascular System

The MD35 is the Mobile physiological peripheral vascular system that is ideal for transporting the test to the patient via a van or car. You can build out the system to suit your practice including computerization. It is flexible, versatile and reliable. It is compact to meet your size constraints and can be computerized using your laptop or PC and printer. Compact size, light weight, and small footprint make it ideal to fit on a shelf in a self-contained lab, in a van or in carrying cases for grab-and-go to an office. 


MD35 Includes:

  • CW bidirectional Doppler with bifocal lens for both deep and seuperficial vessels.
  • Doppler probe has built in controls for volume, waveform inversion, and recording via chart recorder.
  • Photo plethysmography transducer.
  • Pneumo plethysmography.


  • Ten callibrated gain settings.
  • Selectable AC (artery) or DC (venous) coupling.
  • Two speed chart recorder for obtaining the best waveforms.



* This product is not licensed for sale in Canada.

How to Buy

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