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Hokanson has continued its commitment to research by developing and introducing computerized instrumentation for noninvasive blood flow testing and vascular disease diagnosis in human limbs. Hokanson products have stood the test of time with their unbeatable durability and accuracy for clinical researchers.

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Vascular Research

Hokanson provides instruments for research clinicians around the world, for use in noninvasive blood flow assessment.  

Our highly durable instruments and systems are accurate and dependable for clinicians and medical researchers to use in the diagnosis and treatment in patient care.

Arterial Inflow Researchers

Arterial inflow or occlusion plethysmography researchers also known as reactive hyperemia can use Hokanson instruments specifically designed for that purpose. The  EC6 with the E20/AG101 and NIVP3 Arterial software provides the least expensive method of studying endothelial function or arterial response to Nitric Oxide. The AI6 is a completely computerized and automated instrument that provides the ability to create protocols that are automated and provide consistency in testing. The AI6 provides bilateral testing. The AI6 comes complete with everything needed to perform the tests, while you "build" to suit with the EC6 a system with just what you need. 

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