For Vascular Specialists

Hokanson has designed and manufactured instruments and accessories for the Vascular market for 40 years. Our product developments have been created with and for the experts of vascular health. Accuracy, durability and dependability have been the result of this invaluable relationship.

Solutions For...

Vascular Technologists

Hokanson provides instruments designed to meet the needs of the "vascular community" from complete computerized physiological testing systems to 'grab and go" complete physiological testing in a portable system.

Mobile Vascular Labs

Mobile Vascular Labs require scaleable, portable yet complete physiological vascular instruments to facilitate performing all arterial and venous testing from a vehicle or mobile unit.

For use cases Hokanson provides a system that is:

  • Mobile: compact and light weight
  • Flexible: computer ready or stand alone
  • Complete: peripheral vascular physiological testing

Vascular Surgeons

Vascular Surgeons diagnose, manage and treat patients with vascular diseases. Hokanson provides  instruments and accessories to assist in diagnosis and assessment of patients both pre and post vascular procedures.  These quick assessments are used to confirm revascularization and return to normal flow in a previously restricted limb or digit.  


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