AI6 Arterial Inflow System

The AI6 is the ideal arterial inflow system for researchers who want a completely automated system with everything needed to perform the most advanced strain gauge plethysmography testing available today.

Using built in protocols you control the variables and can easily replicate the test with multiple patients. You can create your own standard protocols easily and save them for future use. The AI6 is the solution for simplifying and automating bilateral limb bloodflow studies. Once the protocols are set to your specifications and the patient prepared the AI6 does the rest for you. An ECG input is used to synchronize the venous occlusion cuff with the patient’s heart beat to improve the consistency of the measurements. An invasive arterial line can be used to calculate arterial resistance. All testing is bilateral and some researchers use one limb as the control for the experiment. There is a wide range of test protocol options, all in the researcher’s control. All test data is stored for you to review and the software assists you with the inflow rate measurements and data analysis. Once data is acquired, it is stored in a database for easy recall, edit and report print-outs.



The AI6 includes:

  • Two strain gauge plethysmographs
  • Two cuff inflators for inflation of four cuffs, to two seperate pressures
  • One ECG amplifier for timing
  • One invasive arterial pressure transducer
  • One auxiliary analog input for measurement of an extra parameter.

Features that simplify testing:

  • Two callibrated channels of calibrated strain gauge plethysmography to measure two limbs simultaneously.
  • R-Wave trigger.  An ECG amplifier detects the patients heartbeat and the AI6 inflates teh cuffs at the selected point in the heart cycle.
  • All instrument controls are on the computer, making it easy to adjust cuff pressures, balance the plethysmographs, pause and restart measurements and add test comments to the data.



* This product is not licensed for sale in Canada.

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