Strain Gauges

Hokanson strain gauges are designed with a unique 4-wire construction that has been the industry standard for over 30 years. Strain Gauges are available in either Mercury or Indium-Gallium and are ordered by size and type (limb or digit). The strain gauges are designed so that the active portion of the gauge is the same as the circumference of the limb or digit being measured. This allows the Hokanson plethysmograph to relate resistance change to volume change. The size for limb strain gauges should be 1-3 cm less that the circumference of the limb so they will stretch slightly. Digits strain gauge should be 0.5 cm less than the circumference of the digit. Strain gauges have a shelf life due to oxidization so we build them to order, and they are warranted for one year.

Strain gauges are available in limb and digit styles, and mercury and indium-gallium types. Either type is compatible with any Hokanson strain gauge plethysmograph and will yield identical measurement results. Indium-gallium limitations are a higher freezing point and lower resistance values so they cannot be used for some applications such as Raynaud’s disease testing or small digit tests. Mercury gauges have a lower freezing point and higher resistance values, however mercury use is restricted in some facilities and regions. Please specify the style, type and size when ordering strain gauges.


Several Strain Gauge sets are available:

Limb Set:           Eight gauges.              22 to 36 cm - 2 cm increments

Forearm Set:    Eight gauges.              16 to 30 cm – 2cm increments

Digit Set:           Seven gauges.             4.5 to 7.5 cm - 0.5 cm increments

Due to regulations Hokanson cannot sell Mercury Strain Gauges to the EU, or the following states; Maine, Louisiana, Connecticut or Rhode Island.

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