EC6 Strain Gauge & Photoplethysmography System

The EC6 provides researchers with the ability to build to suit the instrumentation they need for using either strain gauge or photoplethysmography for arterial inflow, venous testing and a wide variety of measurement applications. This is the lowest cost strain gauge plethysmograph with in-situ electrical calibration; this concept was invented by Hokanson and is unique. It has become well accepted and is an industry standard.

Hokanson has both Mercury and Indium-Gallium strain gauges for limbs and digits and can build to suit special orders. The EC6 supports a Hokanson infrared phototransducer for pulse detection, for use in blood pressure and venous reflux testing. Choose the documentation method that best suits your application: The RS232 digital output connects to NIVP3 Software for documentation and automated controls of E20/AG101 or connect to their own third party software application. The analog output allows connectivity to a wide range of both software or strip chart recorder options from third parties.


The EC6 analog output may be AC or DC coupled for arterial and venous tests. The output is adjustable from ± 200 mV, and seven sensitivity ranges span 2% (8% full scale) to 0.02% volume change per division on the meter. Autobalance is available which resets the signal whenever it goes beyond the scale of the instrument’s meter. Calibration and zeroing of the output is performed with one button or by a remote signal.

* This product is not licensed for sale in Canada.

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